Steam Skins: Power Up Your PC Gaming

Steam Skins: Power Up Your PC Gaming - Post Thumbnail

Steam can do so much more than just buy and play games. Let’s learn more about Steam Skins and some features that can improve your PC gaming or even take it to the new level.

A brief overview

Steam is a popular gamers’ platform with over 125 million users. When you take the first look at the interface, you realize there are lots of hidden possibilities that most users fail to notice. Let’s find out more about ways to power up your gaming using Steam Skins.

Top 10 features you should start using:

  • You can use Steam Skins to share games between the household devices wirelessly. Double-check you are in the same profile and share Wi-Fi on both PCs. To do it properly, you simply pick the game via your client and press on Steam to play it from another device.
  • You have the possibility to use Big Picture Mode while using a TV. This feature was created especially for the best possible experience on this device as it solves the issue of the small font size.
  • You may use Steam Skins to keep your drivers up-to-date. In case your games don’t work properly, check for the updates by clicking on Steam and Check for Video Driver Updates. It’s truly simple and effective.
  • There is also a feature that lets you bring the Steam library in order. It very helpful if your account is packed with games and you spend lots of time looking for a particular game. Hide the games you don’t currently need. Whenever you need them back, you may reverse the action and get the games back.
  • If you don’t enjoy the design (like most users), you can change it. You may create custom Steam Skins or add the design you like.
  • You may also download and install Enhanced Steam. This browser extension will save you money sending price drop alerts.
  • Begin the download of any game remotely. The platform allows you to log from any device using the dedicated app. Press on Install next to the option you desire. However, it will only work if your PC is on at the moment.
  • The platform also lets you add non-Steam games as well. Click on Add Game and choose the corresponding category.
  • You are able to back up your games on a hard drive. While this isn’t a simple process, just take time to figure out the algorithm.
  • You may give your friends nicknames by clicking on More in your friend’s profile. Pick Add Nickname and type the ones you want.

When you need new Steam Skins, visit the dedicated site. It offers skins that are grouped in categories. Sort Steam Skins by category, popularity, etc. As soon as you download the skin you desire, you must install it. To do it properly, you need to extract and drop the files into your Steam Skins folder. After that, you go back to the interface of your Steam Settings and pick the skins you’ve just added. Restart Steam and enjoy your new skins. The most popular skins now are Pixelvision Skin, Steam Metro, Halinads, etc.

The conclusion

All in all, now you know quite a few things on how to power up your PC gaming. Use these tips to improve your gaming experience and enjoy using the platform.