Managing Avast CyberCapture in correct way

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Avast Antivirus is one of the most recognizable cybersecurity solutions on the market, but little to none people actually know how it works. One of its main advantages is that it functions in its own ecosystem with all the additional features that work together and complement each other’s functions. It is essential to understand the basic principles of this system’s work and be able to adjust and manage all the functions manually. Avast CyberCapture adjustments can significantly increase the versatility of the application and make it even more suitable for a particular user.

What is Avast CyberCapture feature?

In fact, Avast CyberCapture is one of the most basic features of Avast Antivirus, which serve as a foundation of its services. It is available in all the versions of the application from “Free” to “Omni” or “Premier”.

How does it work?

  • It scans all of the suspicious files that you open on your computer. It detects all the threats or potential viruses and notifies users about them.
  • As a rule, if Avast CyberCapture identifies a file as potentially harmful it sends the data to the Threat Labs for further investigation. It takes some time to get the completed feedback about the file, so you may need to wait.
  • If you are not cool with waiting, you can use the Virus Chest (also an additional feature) to store the file there without any risk of getting your computer infected with viruses.
  • The less safe option is to open the file despite the warning from Avast Antivirus. It is better to avoid using this method because the consequences may be unpredictable.
  • After the Threat Labs scanning process the user gets one of the two possible notifications: the file is safe to open, or it is harmful and can contain viruses. However, in any case it remains undeleted in the Virus Chest, so you could open it anyway.

Manage Avast CyberCapture in a right way

The good news for any user is that Avast CyberCapture feature is fully adjustable as most of the Avast functions. Setting up the right preset of settings may improve its functionality and convenience.

Steps to change the default Avast CyberCapture settings:

  • To get access to the adjustable options you need to open the main menu of Avast Antivirus and go to the “Settings” tab. Navigate to the “Protection” tab and choose the “Core Shields” option.
  • Find the adjustments that have to do with CyberCapture features and choose the most convenient settings for you. Make sure you apply them afterwards.


Avast Antivirus is a great cybersecurity application that offers a wide range of adjustments to all of the features. CyberCapture function is not an exception. It is recommended to set up the most appropriate settings for you because it serves as a foundation of an antivirus application. Make sure you consider all the options.