PCPartPicker Review: Build Your PC Easier

PCPartPicker Review: Build Your PC Easier - Post Thumbnail

In case you were thinking about building your PC, PCPartPicker is a perfect site to reach the goal. It has a huge selection of components and convenient filters that now include price, custom build guides, etc. Let’s find out more about the site, compare its pros & cons, and define if it’s worth your time.

The PCPartPicker site overview

This is a well-known site that delivers great results for users who want to build their PCs. Using it, you can plug in the components you’d like (CPU, GPU, motherboard, etc.) and find out if they are compatible before you pay a lump sum of money and bring things home.

Some useful filters are sure to help you even if you are only planning to build the computer. You can sort by the size of the CPU or GPU, add a price range, find out which components will fail to fit into your case, etc.

The site does a lot of guesswork and shows current prices on Amazon, TigerDirect, and other sites. All in all, you’ll not only get the components that work together perfectly well but the best price, too.

Peculiarities of PCPartPicker worth mentioning

First of all, you may pick parts, build your PC, compare, and share the guides. The site is perfect for checking the compatibility and getting the most suitable components.

The simplified building comes with automatic compatibility guidance. Every new step limits your choices to show you what elements can be used.

The price-tracking feature delivers you the best prices. The algorithm compares dozens of popular stores to show you a good deal. It’s regularly updated to show you current prices and even price history chart.

You may even set up a price drop alert. This feature allows you getting notifications by email whenever the part you want becomes cheaper.

Finally, you can join the forum and discuss related topics with like-minded people and experts in this industry. You can explore the completed builds created by other users and get some inspiration or ideas on how to build your PC.

The advantages and disadvantages of the site

The strongest sides of the service include:

  • PCPartPicker has a lot of novelties to offer to its users. First of all, the new design makes the website more user-friendly and simpler.
  • Another big advantage is the build guide. You may build yours and look though other guides, too.
  • The possibility to reorder completed build images makes the site stand out, too.
  • It’s reliable and was mentioned by Forbes, The Guardian, PCWorld, and other respectable magazines, newspapers, and sites.
  • The site has a helpful blog with many articles on related topics. You can learn a lot about the industry and new products.

PCPartPicker has some not so positive reviews, too. You can come across such “drawbacks” as too many categories, can be hard to pick chipset, etc. However, these are not objective disadvantages as everyone is entitled to one’s own opinion.

The conclusion

When you are ready to build your PC, PCPartPicker is the best tool. It’s sure to be helpful and deliver you objective information about the components you need. try the tool to make sure all the parts you’d like to buy are compatible with one another and will fit in the case you already have or want to buy.