What is Advanced Web Shield? Additional Knowledge

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The modern era can be associated not only with the development and growing accessibility of internet and high-tech devices but also with the increasing threats from them. A careless computer user is an easy way for a hacker to earn some money using viruses or malicious software. That is why cybersecurity applications have become essential regardless of the way you use PC or internet. It is important both for amateur and for professional users to set a good protection from external threats, and Advanced Web Shield is a great innovative solution.

What is Advanced Web Shield?

You might have already asked yourself “What is advanced web shield and why do I need it if I use the standard antivirus application already?” The main advantage of this web shield is that it detects and eliminates all the threats before they even reach the hard drive. It means that you add a completely new layer of protection to the system.

Strong sides of Advanced Web Shield:

  • It is basically a HTTP scanner that works with the browser. Some new improved viruses are made in such a way, that they do not have to drop anything on the hard drive of the computer, which makes them virtually invisible for the ordinary antiviruses.
  • It scans, checks and identifies the level of security of all downloads. Some modern viruses can take over your browser and home network without being spotted by antivirus if you are not using the web shield.
  • The browsers are the main weak spots in the protection of modern computers. 90% of the harmful software and viruses comes from the internet. It means that if the virus takes over the browser or the server, your whole system of protection is broken.

Do you have to use a Web Shield?

Despite all the fuss about the danger of unprotected internet connection and modern advanced viruses, some users are still on the fence about whether they actually need an Advanced Web Shield. To be fair, it is important to point out some of the flaws of the application too:

  • Due to the constant scans of the internet downloads, the speed of the connection can decrease drastically, especially if you are using a slow type of connection. Thus, Web Shield can be useful only to niche internet users.
  • Sometimes the web shield can be overprotective and block some downloads that are not harmful at all. In such cases, you have to disable it and turn it on after downloading what you need. It can be frustrating for some users.

Bottom line

Advanced Web Shield is a great solution for those people who use the internet to download big volumes of data. The ability to protect the computer from all types of internet exploits makes it an essential extension.