How to Stop Avast Browser from Opening on Windows Start

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Avast Browser is one of the additional programs you can get in a bundle with a famous antivirus from this company. Despite the high quality of cybersecurity applications from Avast, the browser has not gained any popularity among the computer users due to low competitiveness and lack of security. As most of the annoying programs that are being installed on the PC without permission, Avast Browser always sets itself on the automatic startup and launches when you turn on your computer. It can be really annoying for some of the users, so this article will explain how to stop Avast browser from opening on startup.

What is the main issue with Avast Browser?

Some of you may wonder why people try to remove or disable the Avast Browser. It seems like a waste to delete a free application that came in a bundle and can be used. However, there is a certain reason for the complaints.

Disadvantages of Avast Browser:

  • The main issue is the one you would not expect to have with an application from the company that specializes in cybersecurity software. The lack of protection and the policy of saving the users’ search histories on the servers makes Avast Browser vulnerable to external threats and hacker attacks. Some users reported data losses and information leakages through it.
  • The interface and functionality of Avast Browser just do not hold up against the powerful competitors like Google or Opera. Avast supposedly spends most of the resources on cybersecurity software and entering a new market was not a task they could manage to execute successfully.

At the end of the day, Avast Browser is quite a useless application, especially if you are used to more advanced browsers that are free too, by the way.

How to disable the functioning of Avast Browser?

If you have not yet decided to delete the application completely, the following tips on how to remove it from the list of the auto launching programs may be useful. It is done through the Task Manager and every user can do it.

Steps to disable Avast Browser starting up:

  • Press the “Ctrl, Alt and Delete” combination of keys and choose Task Manager from the list of pages. Here you can find all the processes that are running on your PC.
  • Find the browser and disable it. It is important to disable it at first.
  • Go to the auto-launch page and delete the browser from the list. Reboot your PC afterwards.


Avast Browser is not the application every user wants to have on his or her computer. However, you want to try disabling it before removing it completely because there is a possibility that you will need it in the future. It is easy to remove it from the auto launch list through the Task Manager.